by Not The Bees!

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RTF Records 2011


released October 14, 2011

Recorded by Joe Dell'Aquila at Exeter Recordings
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering
Summer 2011



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Track Name: Hey, Who Wants to Take Me to the Hospital?
i don’t wanna be sober so come on over and ride this whiskey high we’re filling the ashtray with cigarettes and indistinct goodbyes another night to kill another hour to burn the city lights behind you illuminate a world beyond this mess we’ll navigate the moonlight press on until stars form in our eyes there’s hope in the air gotta get the fuck out of here right now i tear my skin and scratch the earth and still can’t let it go
Track Name: So It Goes..and So On
i’ll take this life in moderation for whatever that’s worth you and i will merge with earth and sky and find out what’s in worth i found out that giving up isn’t half as hard as giving in i’ll consider our salvation a work in progress so much for classy forms of drowning we left instinct at the door because we’re afraid we’ll kill ourselves the way our parents did before i found out that giving up isn’t half as hard as giving in i’ll consider our salvation a work in progress and if I fall from grace with you bow your head and laugh as hard as you can into the dark of new jersey’s empty night
Track Name: Behold a Pale Kid
try not to forget those left up on the shelf kerouac and the break’s self-titled lp do it like dylan self-mythologize and fall apart tonight “i want you all to myself” and it’s plain to see that we don’t believe in every word they sing breaking free from reason letting go of truth to find out just what i’m supposed to be not like you more like me i want you to be sore like me something strange is happening
Track Name: Needles
it got away from you in the haze of cigarette smoke and it goes on and on and on and on and we thought we’d never know what it might mean in the end and it goes on and on and on and on and every single day is the same forget this place and everyone in it ill die alone the lights are fucking bright outside the liquor store and i can’t see the stars or street signs the dark is coming in lifting trash up from the ground but the holes inside your arms are leaking life onto the ground just the same you said you never knew yeah I’ve heard that one before shiver through the morning the night will soon be here
Track Name: Pretty Maggie Money-Eyes
never thought we fell so far away until today you proved me wrong i’m breaking out of what I thought was true when I was with you couldn’t find the words to say “this happens every day” took it an hour to set an hour to breathe wrote it down and i know it’s true couldn’t find the words to say “this happens every day” and we’re letting go with all this conversation, you’d think we’d find a thread something to connect with and this is what she said
Track Name: Cinderblock, Accelerator, Cliff
i’m just trying to find my way back home from all these places that I’ve been trying to wash them off my skin but the stain remains so i scrub the flesh straight down to the bone and we wear down all our shoes in pursuit of something new fueled by cigarettes and booze a new walking blues and if i can’t find my way back home then i’ll know this path that seemed like a winding fever dream through my days was just another one lived for someone else
Track Name: A Tale of Ordinary Madness
he said to pull no punches but she did anyway took a shot of whiskey and slapped him in the face and if I could be there you know that I would stay sheltered in my dreams sheltered by my dreams in this hole wordplay is swordplay in bars like this he broke a neon lantern and sang another song about the passaic river then threw up in the street am i whole am i home