Another Hour to Burn

by Not The Bees!

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GTG Records 2012


released July 19, 2012

Recorded by Joe Dell'Aquila at Exeter Recordings
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering
Art and design by Anthony Catanese
Summer 2012

"Xanax and the Corner Office" previously appeared on the One Hour from Anywhere compilation as "Boats and Whoas" -



all rights reserved
Track Name: Xanax & the Corner Office
reject your default settings or you might find an early grave in the day to day a slow death for a rolling stone it’s a disaster every day just look away a pile of cash at the end of the day just look away seek solace at the Tavern cupped hands hide a cigarette it may be cliché but it dulls the ache of humanity fuck it up today get it right tomorrow in a fit of rage you might find your way
Track Name: Backpacks
i don’t have any words this elegy is uninspired and if there is nothing to say all this love will wash away and be forgotten these wounds aren’t young broken legs can’t run and every time I stop and think I know I want it but impatience starts anew and my courage gets confused my vision is blurred my thoughts are slurred and disconnected and if you’ve got something to say you can go ahead and save it for the morning I’ll be out ‘til then
Track Name: Stay Indoors
will you wake me up when it’s time to leave maybe I'd be fine if we just stayed the night I can’t go to sleep with alcohol in my blood cuz I’ll feel like never waking up we’ll eat dates from the calendar and drink water from the springs of the bed keep a bottle of neat under the sheets and sleep on it this town gets a little rough on every side whenyou measure lives as a rising tide of burned out cigarettes will you wake me up when it’s time to leave maybe I’ll be fine
Track Name: Counting to Zero
seventeen years and two lives to go feel uncertainy in my bones I’ll die just to move along but every outlet’s a broken beat a human current flowing in concrete I’ll die just to move along an expectation mapped by hidden hands and we’ll go, but I know that it looks like we’re burning out at last
directions drawn out on low tide sand empty highway and a broke down van don’t let this be on my hands a silly notion to entertain that life and labyrinth are one and the same don’t let this be on my hands it might be broken, but there is no ache
Track Name: Maiden America
don’t think that anybody cares about what the fuck we’re into just crank “The Number of the Beast” and crush some beers with Lou let’s put off growing older just put the record on and go Fuckin Iron Maiden! don’t think that anybody cares bout what the fuck we're selling we’ll give this shit away for free just line up shots of whiskey let’s put off growing older we’re all just smoking embryos